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Welcome to Free Scrapbook Training

and Free Downloadable Goodies

Free Photo Calendar, Photo Greeting Cards, Postcards,

Scrapbook Pages, Elements, Baby Blocks, Themed Alphabets, and Christmas Ornaments

If you haven't seen the Computer Scrapbooking 101 site yet, look here. The Greatest FREE Digital Scrapbook Gift... EVER!

Photo calendar free printables: What is PrincessCrafts?  Quite simply, it's "How anyone with little or no Scrapbooking experience can overnight, literally, go from beginner to competent Scrap booker with a fool-proof, easy-to-use system to ensure your success!" 

Now with a Totally Free mini-course that includes everything you need to start digital scrapbooking... including a link to a FREE software suite.  Over a $150.00 value.  All we ask is a little of your time in return.

We are the only site that designs computer scrapbook template pages that are not meant to just sit on a shelf in a book, hidden away.  " has over 5000 pages of exclusive custom printable or editable digital templates for download and use in computer digital scrapbooks, hand scrapping, printable stationery backgrounds and digital photo frames.  You won't find this quality assortment anywhere else on the planet!" 

We'll show you how to take the pages and scrap your walls, take them on the road, create magical looking web pages or even send them as electronic greetings.  Interested?  Get full details Here.

Fast Scrapbooking Pages, Ideas, And Layouts

Professional Scrapbook Author And Designer Lain Ehmann Will Inspire You To Scrapbook Fast. Create Eye-catching, Meaningful Pages Quickly And Easily, In Minutes. Document Your Family's Stories And Scrapbook Your Photos -- And Have Fun Doing It!


What you came here for...

PrincessCrafts is proud to offer you access to our free photo calendar pages (2017 and 2016 photo calendar free printables).  These pages come in both PDF and the FREE OpenOffice and other scrapbook and graphics program (Computer Scrapbooks, Gift Calendars, Photo Editors, etc.) compatible PNG format. Download and print the PDF versions for those who just wish to print them out and do a traditional hand written or scrapped version.  Use the .PNG version to digitally add your special dates and images for a complete custom calendar that you can then have professionally printed and bound or print yourself and give as the best holiday gift you ever gave.

 So, with no further adieu...

Click here to go direct to our free Calendar Pages

We hope that you'll come back and check out all the other wonderful FREE Downloads that and Free Scrapbook Training has to offer.  If not, thank you for stopping by our site. One more thing before you go. If you would like some help with using the .PNG photo calendar download files, try this short tutorial HERE.

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