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Free Printable Scrapbook Page Calendars (Photo Calendars) 2016/2017

This is what you have come here for, the free printable scrapbook page calendars or Photo Calendars.  Below you will find our free 2016 and 2017 calendars in PDF and PNG formats.  Download the one you need or take all of the 2016 or 2017 photo calendar free printables for your family.  

Some of the files are pretty large and while we have broken them up into smaller pieces, it may take 20 minutes or more on a slow dial-up connection to get all the files for a single calendar. High Speed Internet users will take very little time to get them all.

Kathy keeps getting better and better each year with the quality of the graphics used in the photo calendar templates.  A few years ago (in 2010), we switched to the higher quality PNG format for the calendar images.  This allows us to use all 64000 colors and still have the transparent openings in the photo frames for your family photo's to show through the open frame.  If your current software program doesn't allow for use of the PNG format... give our Computer Scrapbooking 101 Course a try.  The FREE Photo Editing software used in the course accepts almost all graphic formats and even allows you to save your work as a PDF for sharing with family and friends. This software is totally FREE and has no limits on it.

One final note before we get to the actual calendars... if you like what you see, our new Computer Scrapbook Training & Free Stationery sites have more free pages, border printable stationery and samples of our high quality line of products and a totally FREE Computer Scrapbooking 101 Mini-Course.  So, check us out on the other product pages or the main site.  You won't find a better value on the internet!

BIG news!  PrincessCrafts now has a Baby Book Scrapbook Site, with hundreds of baby scrapbook templates in multiple color coordinated sets -- Including Journaling or Story pages!  You can check it out at: Http://

We also just opened up our brand new Wedding Scrapbook site at: so you can save a fortune on your wedding book albums and memories.

Your Calendars:

This is what they look like... the links are below each thumbnail set. 

WARNING: Images are just small .jpg files. Download from the text links below to get the full size images. Enjoy!


2017 Photo Calendar Template Sets

2017 Free Januaruy Calendar and photo paper  Free 2017 February Digital Scrapbooking paper photo calendar downloadables  Totally free digital scrapbooking March 2017 photo calendar template download.

April 2017 photo calendar paper template free scrapbooking download  Your Internet's best Free 2017 May digital photo calendar template  Internet #1 Favorite June 2017 family photo calendar computer scrapbooking downloadable template

Best Free July 2017 computer scrapbooking photo calendar downloadable template  Worlds Best digital scrapbooking free August 2017 photo calendar gift for downloading  September 2017 Free Downloadable holiday gift calendar paper downloadablesYour number 1 favorite October 2017 digital scrapbooking free photo calendar downloadable templates  Free November 2017 family free downloadable photo calendars.  the internet's #1 best free photo calendars for December 2017 and more.

Alternate Holiday Templates


Your Free World wide July 2017 photo calendar for family holiday gift downloads.  Non Christmas or Christian Dec 2017 Free family or business photo calendar template downloads.  Free 2017 Photo Calendar Scrapbook Paper Templates


PDF Versions for Printing and Hand Scrapping







.Zip Files with our .PNG Versions for Digital Scrapbooking







twas the night scrapebook photo memory book




2016 Photo Calendar Template Sets


January 2016 Photo Calendar.   February 2016 Photo Calendar.   March 2016 Photo Calendar.

April 2016 Photo Calendar.   May 2016 Photo Calendar.   June 2016 Photo Calendar.

July 2016 Photo Calendar.   August 2016 Photo Calendar.   September 2016 Photo Calendar.

October 2016 Photo Calendar.   November 2016 Photo Calendar.   December 2016 Photo Calendar.




Alternate Holiday Templates


March 2016 Alternate Photo Calendar Template Download   July 2016 Alternate Photo Calendar Template Download   Oct 2016 Alternate Halloween Photo Calendar Template Download

November 2016 Alternate Autumn/Fall Photo Calendar Template Download   December 2016 Alternate Winter Photo Calendar Template Download Cold Weather   Dec 2016 Alternate Jewish Hanukkah Photo Calendar Template Downloadables.



PDF Versions for Printing and Hand Scrapping


2016calendar-1.pdf     2016calendar-2.pdf     2016calendar-3.pdf

2016calendar-4.pdf     2016calendar-5.pdf



.Zip Files with our .PNG Versions for Digital Scrapbooking



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If you would like some help using our Zip/PNG files, please check out our short tutorial on our main site HERE.

This was a 2010/2011 Calendar Free Printable or Printable Scrapbook Page Calendar from

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