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Beginner Scrapbooking

Creative Scrapbooking for the Beginner

There is no right formula to scrap booking except the skill to use papers, scissors, glue or pastes, and the heart to do the hobby. Either that, or you can just use your computer with no glue, no mess, and no cleanup...

And, yes, it is a hobby. Assuming you lived in an isolated coast without any influence, do you know what a scrapbook looks like?

A scrapbook is a collection of pages containing (Scraps - small pieces of) memories and collaged images. A sophisticated scrapbook can be bought at bookshops, where you can even get them blank hardbound ready for filling up.

Actually, it is nothing but empty pages. If you are fond of laborious details, you could create collective empty pages, bind it in a fashionable way, then that's it---you have yourself a scrapbook!

On the Computer, it's only different in that your pages, whether you buy them or create them yourself, are totally digital and totally changeable up until the time you hit the print button or save them to a multimedia presentation.  Yes with the computer, you can turn them into your own screen saver or automated slide show complete with sound and moving images.

Anybody in intermediate years probably has done scrapbooks without ever remembering when they started them.

For beginners, the knack is when you have a good concept to start with. Usually scrapbooks are motivated by good memories with people you love or special times or vacations that you had. When two people combine ideas, work hand in hand in putting up personal scrapbooks, then the outcome becomes something really special.

Scrapbooks do not need to be perfect. Most of the time, they are random combinations of pictures with cut outs and journaling that give relevance to the expression and mood related to the picture being collaged. Without dwelling on the result, there is the tendency to create very informal compositions.

Don't worry if you don't think you have much artistic talent.  With pre-printed templates and today's thousands of digital, downloadable scrapbook templates; anyone can look like an artist.

Nowadays, because of the advent of digital printing, pictures to be used for scrapbooks need not be even be the original developed photos from film.

Original photos can be copied, scanned and printed digitally. This will save important photos from being accidentally ruined, in case something goes wrong with the pasting and cutting (digital scrapbookers don't worry about that at all).  Now that most people have digital cameras, it is just a matter of downloading your photos to your computer directories.

If you are a beginner, how will you start doing your own scrapbooks?

It should start with a definite theme coming from grouped sets of pictures. I like using a timeline to start out with. What came first, then second and so on.

You can do it on your own or invite friends and family to come along to help you. If the pictures contain many people who are close to you, it is best to copy the pictures to have the freedom of cropping each photo at your own discretion. Scanners are wonderful for that.  Just watch out for copyrighted materials.

The over all color scheme of your concept can enhance harmony in composing each page. A sunny beach party could make use of bright earth colors to blend with the overall theme.

You should even try to do some pages by recycling and making use of old magazines instead of just throwing them away. Sometimes, there are images that can make your composition richer than you expect them to be.

My favorite place for templates for use with digital scrapbooking or just for printing and hand scrapping is of course,

Once you feel accomplished with your compilation, you can include it as your personal memorabilia. Keep it away from dusts just like the way you take care of your photo albums. Scrapbooks are livelier to look at than just photos in a cold album. When shown to friends, scrapbooks are a lot more entertaining and can tell your story more completely.

For beginners, it is important to consider the use of creativity by making use of what is available at home. It does not have to be expensive, unless you really want to use special materials relevant to what you want to accomplish.

Remember the most important ingredient in doing scrapbooks. The sentiment and heart for it comes first. Then you will realize how fun and productive it will turn out to be.

For beginners, I highly recommend checking out the FREE Digital Scrapbook Mini-Course at:

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