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Only 10 minutes from start to final print.
Just one example from our files.

"How anyone with little or no Scrapbooking experience can overnight literally go from beginner to competent Scrap booker with a fool-proof, easy-to-use system to ensure your success!"


"This was my first time using your pages.  It was so easy, maybe I'll get caught up on my huge backlog of pictures!  I brought the gif page into Picture It.  Imported a couple pictures and moved behind the frames.  Then added a title and was done."  Mary Ellen from Michigan


Hundreds more testimonials on the site!


Dear Scrapbooking Friend:


I know you have piles of photo's in boxes stacked in a closet. I also know that your new digital camera has begun to fill your computers hard drive with hundreds of images. You know you need to preserve them before it's too late. You know that digital scrapbooking (or computer scrapbooking) is the right answer - yet you are not quite sure how to do it.


How do I know this?


Because that was me just over 12 years ago!


I had just started scrapbooking, copied some layouts from magazines and bought a few kits from my local scrapbook supply store, but I had no idea where to go from there. Because I had to do it on my own I made many costly mistakes involving both money and time.


Through this learning curve I uncovered a breakthrough in time saving, cost cutting and fun ways to scrapbook. The answer that I wished for was here and you don't have to go through what I did to find it! In fact my methods will help you get a 40 page custom scrapbook finished in less than 18 hours of your weekend. Even if it's your first printable scrapbook. We even include the software for free!


You will learn quickly how to apply the secrets of the super successful so that you can champion the completion of your scrapbook easily in record time. Guaranteed.


I also will show you how to have your finished scrapbook published as a hard bound book that you can treasure for generations to come.


We know that there are a number of digital scrapbook sites on the Internet, but only my material walks you through the complete process from a beginners standpoint complete with simple scrapbook templates and a link to download free software to do it with. And, only we give our members free access to everything on the site 24 hours a day.


You are guaranteed personalized help during the entire beginning journey. This personalized help will provide focus, organization, and specific action steps to author your first digital scrapbook pages in record time.


3 Things The Local Scrapbook Supply Store Doesn't Want You to Know.


Everyone knows how expensive it is to hand scrap your pages. I'm a filler... so you can just imagine how expensive my hand scrap pages can get. I had to find a better way.


Would you like to know 3 of the biggest secrets I found that your local scrapbook store just can't afford to tell you? You will never be told this in traditional scrapbook circles. Why? Because creating your photo album scrapbook using digital scrapbook techniques will cut your trips to the "local scrapbook supply store" anywhere from 50 to 97.7%.


You print your own background pages when you scrapbook digitally. As many as you need, anytime you like. Imagine, you don't have to make more trips to town just because your child spilled on your last background page.


Ever wish you had parts of an old kit that you could add to one of your new pages? You get to use every digital scrapbook page as a part of an infinite number of scrapbook kit components. Buy once and you can use it for what could be forever. Can you see yourself taking the digital page from a year ago and combining it with the digital elements you got this week? How great would it be for you to create the one of a kind page that is perfect for your once in a lifetime memory for next to nothing? If it's digital, you already have everything you need.


When you do a family heritage scrapbook (or any other kind, for that matter), what do you do when you need to make more than one copy for brothers, sisters, children, etc.? What does that do to your cost? It multiplies it by the number of copies, doesn't it. With digital scrapbooking, the only addition is the cost of printing more than one page. The time savings alone are immense.


I could go on for quite some time, especially about how much money you save on each page, but I think you get the idea...


The best part of all is that you don�t need any experience to take advantage.


By subscribing to our Computer Scrapbooking E-zine, you will benefit from not only our initial beginning scrapbook mini-course, but we'll be with you each month as your mentor and friend. You will discover how to take your pictures from ordinary to extraordinary computer scrapbooks. Fast! Very fast!


  You will get a link to download a complete, fully functional, no time limit software that will not only make your scrapbooking a snap, but will do all your word processing, spreadsheet and database work as well. This is an $80 to $200 value by itself.


  You will discover the number one way to get your scrapbooks done fast while saving more than 50% on your scrapbook costs.


  You will learn that you don't have to choose between digital scrapbooking and hand scrapping. We'll show you how to combine the two and benefit from the best of both worlds.


  You will gain the attitudes, skills and knowledge to help you proudly create and display your printed computer scrapbook.


The opportunity to preserve a lifetime of memories awaits you. Digital Scrapbooking is where all scrapbooking is headed. This IS what scrapbooking was meant to be.


Also, when you subscribe to the E-zine, Computer Scrapbooking 101, today you will receive 36 free computer scrapbook page templates to use as you progress through the beginners course. (Course and template value $27.00)


Look out. You are going to positively become addicted to computer scrapbooking after you get started.


I�ll even give you a free printable clipart and/or computer scrapbook page template each month with your new issue. Sign-up now.


Free Computer Scrapbooking 101 Mini-Course and Samples Here

Key Benefits

  • Economical creative fun! (Save $$)
  • Free Computer Scrapbooking Mini-Course (FREE Software)
  • More pages - less time - look like a pro
  • More than 1200 different pages at your fingertips
  • New Pages added monthly (minimum of 120 each month)
  • A Full 90 day, better than your money back, no risk guarantee.


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